Slide n°1 of projectLes Briques Rouges Festival
Slide n°1 of project Les Briques Rouges Festival

Les Briques Rouges Festival

During my studies at JUNIA ISEN Lille


The "Les Briques Rouges" festival is an annual music festival that has been taking place in a small town's garden since 2019. They collaborated with JUNIA ISEN to develop a carpooling app aimed at promoting eco-friendly transportation options and mitigating the festival's carbon footprint. Our app empowered users to create carpooling journeys seamlessly by integrating with an API, ensuring precise and dependable navigation instructions. Users could effortlessly input their location and instantly view available rides in close proximity for potential participation. The trip organizer retained the authority to accept or decline ride requests.


Web development


  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • OpenStreetMap
  • Jawg Maps API