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My name is

Jérôme Rascle

I am a 22 years old software engineering student from Lille, France. My passion is solving problems and creating solutions through all kinds of technologies and my ultimate goal is to mix it with my love for music. Every project I work on is a step towards this goal and I believe every project is a chance to learn something new.

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Past experiences

March 2024  –  Now

KPMG logo

Technical Consultant · KPMG

- Integrate and develop software solutions for companies. - Create and connect APIs together - Participate in project management and collection of customer needs

June 2023  –  August 2023

Gintlemen logo

Web Developer Intern · Gintlemen

- Web Developer training - Conception and creation of databases and their APIs - Discovery of new web frameworks and technologies

September 2019  –  Now

JUNIA ISEN Lille logo

Engineering Student · JUNIA ISEN Lille

(Music & Technologies option for 5 years) - Engineering degree in computer sciences - Software development speciality

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  • Web

    🧩 I am able to program websites with multiple different modern web technologies and for multiple applications. 🎨 With an appetite for design, I love to craft responsive animated (and most importantly) beautiful websites

  • AI

    🧠 With Python libraries like Tensorflow/Keras, I know how to create deep learning models. 🥁 I am currently working on an app capable of extracting the drum part of a given song and creating the music sheet for it using artificial intelligence.

  • Mobile

    📱 I can develop mobile/tablet applications for both iOS/iPadOS and Android and deploy them to app stores. 🖌️ With a good sense of design, I will make sure users will enjoy and have a seamless experience on the apps I build.

  • Interpersonal

    📣 Throughout my learning at ISEN Lille, I received multiple training in communication, (agile) project management and even management. 🤝 These training courses allowed me to be comfortable in a professional work environment and to have good adaptability.

  • Software

    🔧 During my time at ISEN Lille, I was able to work on numerous school projects in different programming languages. 👨‍💻 I have solid knowledge in object-oriented programming (C#, Java) but have also worked extensively in python for data analysis purposes.

If I'm not working, I'm probably at the movies, or surfing on the north coast of France or more likely in my basement playing my drums !

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here's other stuff I like

  • Whiplash 🥁

  • LOSC 🔴⚪⚜️

  • Vald 🦎

  • Cliff jumping in Canada ⛰️

  • Guiding families on a Canadian Lake 🛶

  • Mac Miller 🎧

  • Guiding families on lakes in Canada 🛶

  • Rafting in Canada 🇨🇦

  • Stand-Up Paddle in Wimereux 🏄‍♂️